Employer/Business Related Investigations

Workplace Investigations
Sooner or later, every employer will face the need to investigate one or more of its employees. More and more employers are recognizing what an important tool a workplace investigation can be in discovering problems and preventing their reoccurrence. Many different problems can lead an employer to start an investigation. Here are some common reasons why companies investigate employees or situations:

  • Attitude problems
  • Substance abuse
  • Discrimination complaints
  • Harassment complaints
  • Threats against others
  • Vandalism and others sabotage
  • Violation of work rules
  • Safety problems
  • Workplace theft, etc.

Many laws in the area of employee relations require employers to undertake investigations in order to meet their obligations under the laws. The investigator should be knowledgeable about state and federal employment laws, must uphold the privacy rights of employees and others, must conduct a thorough investigation and must be objective.

D.B. Investigations has the expertise and knowledge to handle this type of case in the most efficient, professional manner while providing sound factual basis for decisions by management.

Background Investigations

D.B. Investigations provide investigative support to law firms, businesses, and in-house counsel by performing comprehensive non employment background investigations and research of individuals, assets, location, utilities, and more.

Our services include developing evidence to support a claim or a defense, indentifying, or locating witnesses. Our extensive range of information will help in deciding whether to hire an employee, dispute resolutions, negotiate a settlement, or verify potential risks or threats.

Workers Compensation/Liability
Employers, claims adjusters, third party administrators, and self-insurers use our Worker' Compensation fraud investigation services to assist in identifying and proving fraudulent claims. Our detailed reports are easy to read, and accurately reflect our professional effort and surveillance results. Our investigators are highly skilled and able to conduct activity checks and other types of investigation to successfully conclude these matters.

When conducting covert surveillance investigation, D.B. Investigations pay special attention to all state and federal statutory restrictions, carefully avoiding invasion of privacy issues, while protecting you from claims of private sector liability for unlawful surveillance (civil & criminal liability). We gather necessary evidence to offer remedies that may include both criminal and civil action, and present it to you, your insurer and your legal counsel in a most usable, accurate and succinct format.

Performing interviews relating to "Arising Out of Employment, or in the Course of Employment" investigations (AOE/COE) is a critical phase of the claims process. Oftentimes, retaining an outside third party investigative firm to obtain witnesses and suspect statements makes good sense economically, leads to successful defense of claims, and greatly enhances your chances of successful prosecution of malingerers.

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