Legal Services

Process Service
We are a full service process serving company. All of our friendly, professional process servers are licensed and registered through the Jacksonville Sheriffs Department. When choosing a process server it is important to make sure they will get the job done properly and efficiently. When using D.B. Investigations to handle your process serving you will receive personal service and prompt contact throughout your service of process. We want to make your experience with us pleasant and easy as possible. Call D.B. Investigations today and let us show you why we say, "WE GET RESULTS."

Criminal/Civil Cases
Criminal investigations require specific knowledge, experienced skill in order to properly prepare a solid strategy. False allegations cannot be defended the same as other cases. For anyone falsely accused, you are guilty and you must prove your innocence. A thorough investigation can be critical to the outcome of your case. D.B. Investigations offers a full-range of services such as witness location, interviews and works closely with attorneys for preparation of State and Federal misdemeanor or felony criminal cases.

A good investigation can more often than not result in finding a key alibi witness, or establishing that a potential eyewitness identification has fatal weaknesses. With good investigation, attorneys can prepare your case for trail from a position of strength and confidence rather than weakness and uncertainty.

We accept all major credit cards, cash, cashier's checks and money orders.